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100% Money-Back Guarantee:  If you are not satisfied for any reason in the first 10 minutes, I will refund the entire charge

Recent Testimonials:

  • “My entire family and I can ‘never’ repay you” (mediumship) – Phoebe, Beijing, China
  • “I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders” – Aaron M, Hawaii
  • “I don’t know ‘what’ you said to my daughter, but she’s like a whole new person” – Christine T, Las Vegas

To Book a Session:

  • To book an appointment, please click the green box to the right “Book My Session” to contact me, prior to making payment.
  • Note: All payments are handled securely through Paypal’s website & you do not need a Paypal account to make payment.
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With Gratitude: 

It is my hope that my “Money-Back Guarantee” offer, puts new potential clients at-ease, in order to share messages from the Spirit-World.

Over the years, I have found that the clients who grow the fastest:

  • recognize that their resistances to trying anything new are natural, but come from the inside not outside
  • take responsibility to identify & overcome such resistances since this is your soul’s plan for growth
  • genuinely value & appreciate another person’s life-long investment in their field of study, training, and work, as well as their “personal time” required to help

My Money-Back Guarantee, although non-existent in the field, allows me to:

  • communicate my confidence & commitment to be of “guaranteed help” to all new potential clients
  • schedule the very best time to tune-in to each client & their spirit-guides to be of best service
  • best honor existing commitments to current clients and training courses

Always remember:

Your own intuition will always reflect-back a simple feeling of “calm” from any new potential experience in-line with your soul, because:

Intuition IS … the “Gateway to the Soul” ~  Follow yours, and enjoy the journey

Namaste ~ Mike Schopp

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30 Minute Session $55 USD

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60 Minute Session $95 USD

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Please note:  Psychic Medium Sessions are best scheduled for 60 minutes.  All other Sessions may be booked for either 30 or 60 minutes