Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety treatment resulting in a deeper level of daily calm is just a simple phone call away.


There are many benefits in working with a psychic vs other common advisory professions in anxiety treatment:

  • Anonymity & Confidentiality – No need to provide any personal or medical history
  • Convenience – The ability to quickly schedule and work over the phone vs traveling to an office
  • Cost Savings – Reduced time to identify causes of anxiety therefore avoiding future sessions
  • Integrates Spiritually-Based Causes of Anxiety – when other advisors cannot

Anxiety Treatment from both Psychological & Spiritual Perspectives

Anxiety can not only cause discomfort, but also indecision and even paralysis on taking action on what an individual values most. Anxiety can impair our ability to be the person we truly are and also prevent us from seeking help in our time of need. Ultimately, anxiety distracts us from making better soul-based choices to:

  • fully engage the people, places, and experiences that bring greater happiness
  • fully allow us to be the true spiritual person that we “always have been”

Anxiety treatment from a spiritual perspective reminds each of us is not just a body with a spirit, but rather a spirit with a body that has incarnated in this lifetime to learn life lessons including those related to anxiety, for our own soul’s growth.

Anxiety is nothing more than another life lesson to learn and grow from and ultimately, away from. Many books have confirmed the benefit of looking into past-lives for the root of phobias and anxiety too. Choosing a psychic and medium skilled in psychology best addresses both psychological and also spiritually-based anxiety in anxiety treatment.

Psychological or “Spiritually” Based Anxiety ?

There are two common types of anxiety that people experience, psychological-based and also spiritually-based anxiety. Psychologists and counselors maybe skilled in psychological-based anxiety but often have no experience with spiritually-based anxiety in anxiety treatment.

Psychological Based Anxiety

Common psychological anxiety considered in anxiety treatment can result from:

  • Demands above our abilities
  • Loss & Life Transition
  • Occupational stress
  • Relationship stress
  • Financial stress
  • Poor self image

Spiritually-Based Anxiety

Common spiritually-based anxiety considered in anxiety treatment can result from:

  • Spiritual Awakenings
  • Incoming Intuitive or Mediumship Abilities
  • Change in spiritual or religious belief systems
  • Past-life experiences or trauma (anxiety & phobias)

Anxiety treatment from a spiritual perspective is essential. For some, anxiety can actually a be a sign of incoming intuitive abilities or even mediumship. Intuitive development or spiritual awakenings happen at anytime across the life-span. Some are triggered by unpleasant life experiences, others are experienced by a unsettling awareness of “knowing things, but not knowing why you know.” Others maybe related to past-life experiences in anxiety treatment.

In spiritually-based anxiety treatment, some characteristics of a spiritually-based anxiety can involve shyness, avoidance of public places, or being overweight. If you think about it, each of these characteristics simply tries to shield oneself from picking up unwanted thoughts, feelings, and even symptoms from others. Counselors who commonly provide anxiety treatment often have no understanding of spiritually-based anxiety and therefore, actually complicate or delay recovery.

Considering Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Awakenings, and Past-Life Experiences in Anxiety Treatment:

  1. Being highly-intuitive is definitely a double-edged sword: it can help others, yet hurt you. It is a gift, but for new intuitive folks, being confused of new intuitive information can be overwhelming.
  2. Spiritual awakenings can happen at any point across the life-span and intuitive-growth can in fact, come with both physical and emotional symptoms similar to anxiety.
  3. Many phobias and anxiety can be rooted in past-life experiences that are often overlooked by other counselors who provide anxiety treatment.
  4. Why highly-intuitive folks mislabel their spiritually-based anxiety as psychological anxiety:

a. medical doctors and psychologists who provide anxiety treatment have been “conditioned” by their entire life work & study to “narrowly” consider anxiety as only physical and/or emotional in cause

b. highly-intuitive folks or those experiencing a spiritual awakening, often have no resources to learn from; we are mostly “self-taught” since there are no accredited schools in intuitive development

c. Without an experienced professional psychic medium reading, many people may find themselves subject to distorted beliefs of others in the new-age field that actually complicate anxiety treatment.

  1. Wouldn’t you prefer to work with someone who deeply understands both psychological and spiritually-based anxiety in anxiety treatment?

Overcoming (Psychological or Spiritually Based) Anxiety in Anxiety Treatment

If someone could wave a magic wand and, you waked up the following morning feeling calm:

  • How would you become more of the person that you wish to be ?
  • What passions may be more clear to be expressed to achieve greater happiness?
  • What would you do differently that day ?
  • How would your goals and daily choices change ?
  • How could your most treasured life-wishes become more easily fulfilled ?

What could be more important to creating the life you dreamed of, than having a clear mind ?

My Passions / My Work:

As a professional psychic medium of more than 20 years experience in anxiety treatment, I provide healing messages from your Spirit-Guides and Spirit-World to help you overcome anxiety.

Ultimately, anxiety is simply an uncomfortable “spiritual” motivator and lesson to overcome for your soul’s growth.